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Ethics Guide

Section A: Purpose and scope of this Guide

1. Purpose

This Guide sets forth ethical standards concerning the practice of journalism in Quebec.

2.  Definitions

For the purposes of these guidelines, the terms below shall have the following meanings:

  1. “Journalist”: any person who exercises journalistic duties with the objective of serving the public interest; who researches, collects, fact-checks, edits, comments on or disseminates information about matters of general interest aimed at a broad audience.
  2. “News media”: subject to the exceptions stated by the Quebec Press Council, refers to any entity, regardless of its legal status or the medium used, that edits, publishes or broadcasts a publication or program of journalistic nature on Quebec territory.

3. Scope

This Guide applies equally to journalists and to news media.

4. Implementation

(1) News media must ensure this Guide is applied, complied with, and upheld at all times. They must continuously endeavour to promote this Guide of journalistic ethics with their staffs, and ensure they not compel journalists, whatever their affiliation with the organization, to resort to practices contrary to this Guide.

(2) By this Guide, news media are entirely responsible for all journalistic content they choose to produce, publish or broadcast on any given platform or social media account, regardless of the medium used.

(3) Though news media are responsible for the content they produce, publish and broadcast, journalists are nonetheless accountable for their actions and responsible for the journalistic work they produce, regardless of the medium used.

5. Process

(1) Any natural or legal person may lodge a complaint with the Quebec Press Council for an alleged violation of the principles this Guide by a journalist or news outfit.

(2) Complaints are dealt with according to the Quebec Press Council rules and sanctions, where appropriate, are imposed according the same rules.