Le Conseil

  • The mission

    The Quebec Press Council is a private nonprofit organization dedicated for over 30 years to the protection of the freedom of the press and to the defense of the right of the public to quality reporting. The Council’s scope extends to all media organizations that publish or broadcast in Quebec, whether they belong to the print or electronic media, regardless of whether they are members of the Council. The Council was […] Read more »

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  • 1 Le Guide

    See the guide that explains the rights and responsibilities of the press in Quebec. Consultez cette section

  • 2 Le Processus

    Find out about the complaints procedure. Consultez cette section

  • 3 En Ligne

    If you fell being a victim or witness to a violation of press's freedom or the public's right to information may, without charge, submit a complaint to the Press Council of Quebec. Consultez cette section