Appeals Committee

Appeal Form

All appeals must be submitted using the form below, within 30 days following the date on which the Council has issued its decision. The appeal filed must contain a clear, precise and succinct statement of the subject and grounds of appeal. The Committee does not accept any new matter of complaint at this stage. An appeal must pertain to matters raised in the initial proceedings and may not merely be a comment or general criticism of the decision. If these criteria are not complied with, the appeal request may be deemed inadmissible from the outset.

The decisions rendered by the Appeals Committee are final.

The Committee’s role is not to substitute its own appraisal of the facts for that of the Journalistic Ethics and Complaints Committee. Its role is to ensure that the examination and decision processes were carried out correctly by the Journalistic Ethics and Complaints Committee, in accordance with the Quebec Press Council Guide of Journalistic Ethics and the Council’s own precedents.