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Appeal Committee

Appeal Form

All appeals must be submitted by letter or using the form found in Appendix B within the 30 business days after the Council has sent its decision. The appeal must be a clear, precise and succinct account, detailing the motives and the object of the appeal, as well as an explanation of the desired decision. The Committee does not accept that any additional motives be added to the complaint at this stage.

The Committee’s role is not to substitute its own assessment of the facts for that of the Journalistic Ethics and Complaints Committee’s. Its role is to ensure that the examination and decision process were carried out correctly by the Journalistic Ethics and Complaints Committee, in accordance with the Press Council Guide of Journalistic Ethics and the Council’s own precedents.

    1- Appellant Information
    2- Grounds for appeal
    Your appeal must present a clear, precise and succinct explanation of the object and motives for appeal, and outline the nature of the decision seeked. Your file should not include any new grievance.
    Attach one or more files (format : Word or PDF) describing in details the facts and grievances of your complaint.