Our Mission

The Quebec Press Council is a private nonprofit organization that defends freedom of the press and the right of the public to quality news and information. Its scope extends to all news media organizations that publish or broadcast in Quebec, whether they operate in print, radio, television or digital media and regardless of whether they are contributing members of the Council.

The Quebec Press Council was founded in 1973 on the initiative of journalists and media organizations, who were joined from the beginning by representatives of the public. It was formed due to the converging needs and common concerns of these three groups. The Council is a tripartite organization. Its board of directors and all of its committees are composed of journalists, members appointed by media organizations, and members of the public.

Membership to the Quebec Press Council is on a voluntary basis. The organization is independent from governmental authority, which gives it sufficient autonomy to carry out its mission.

The Council acts as a dispute resolution panel for the Quebec press industry, both for print and electronic media. In no way can the Council be associated with a tribunal. The Council has no regulative jurisdiction and no judicial, legislative or coercive power. The Council gives sanctions that are strictly of a moral nature.